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Quality Policy


As it arises from our mission and vision, the purpose of SUCCESSKeys.GR (distinctive business title) is to support individuals and teams in organizations to improve their competitiveness and performance and to continually increase the number of our customers that we have supported to reach their goals.


Top Management recognizes that it is essential to provide high quality and value-added services to its customers in order to achieve the purpose of the Organization.

​The Quality Management System is a tool that supports our strategy and related objectives, namely growth through the continual increase in the number of satisfied clients  and the formation of trust relationships with our clients and other interested parties.

​The business' ability to provide high quality and value-added services to its clients is directly or indirectly influenced by the enterprise's operational framework, which is determined both by internal and external factors and by the interested parties' needs and expectations in relation to the services that are provided by the business.

Through a services quality management system, Top Management monitors, reviews and controls significant parameters that could directly or indirectly affect its ability to enhance customer satisfaction.

​Recognizing the need for continual improvement in a complex social, financial and extremely competitive environment, SUCCESSKeys.GR (distinctive business title) is committed, through its legal representative, to make every possible effort:

  • To provide services in accordance with its clients' requirements and needs, the international standard EN ISO 9001:2015 and pursuant to every other applicable requirement.

  • To set measurable quality objectives so that it can measure the effectiveness of the quality management system for the provided services and the degree of customer satisfaction.

  • To maintain a high level of communication with its clients, suppliers and collaborators and to always cultivate good relationships with existing and potential clients.

  • To monitor and manage risks which could have a negative impact on the compliance of its services with the quality objectives and final satisfaction of its customers.

  • To recognize and assess opportunities that could contribute to the ongoing improvement of its processes, the enhancement of customer satisfaction and business growth.


Last review on May 23rd, 2021



Legal representative

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