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Information security policy


Top Management of SUCCESSKeys.GR (distinctive title) has approved the development and implementation of an information security management system which is completely synchronized with the organizations' purpose to achieve the best possible level of security of sensitive and valuable information (e.g. personal data), in pursuit of being considered by all interested parties as a reliable employer, collaborator, client and supplier.​

Moreover, the information security management system is a useful tool for ensuring the organization's business continuity in the wake of incidents that could disrupt or interrupt part or all of the enterprise's critical operations with a potential impact on the organization's customer satisfaction.​


Top Management is committed to setting, achieving and reviewing objectives related to improving the efficiency of the information security management system that is implemented by the business and which is based on the principles and requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013.​​

In addition, top Management is committed to complying with:

  • Information security-related applicable legal and regulatory requirements (e.g., legislation regarding the protection of personal data, see Privacy Policy), 

  • Any requirements of other interested parties (e.g., clients, suppliers, collaborators) as well as the business' own requirements to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information that it handles.

Top Management understands the need to regularly monitor international developments and trends in the crucial field of information security as well as reports pertaining to incidents that appear internationally and are communicated through the media and through official international organizations.​​

SUCCESSKeys.GR (distinctive title) places great emphasis on assessing and handling information security risks by taking into account the likelihood of relevant risks and the magnitude of the impact from the occurrence of information security-related incidents. 

Respecting the rights of natural persons regarding the protection of the personal data, top Management is committed to selecting and implementing effective technical and organizational measures to safeguard the personal data that it processes and to comply with the relevant legislation.​


Finally, top Management is committed to continuously improve the information security management system which is implemented by the organization.

​​Date of most recent update:  14 February 2021


Legal representative

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